More Sustainable Choice For Cashmere Lovers

More Sustainable Choice For Cashmere Lovers

Undyed cashmere is 100% natural yarn, completely free of the chemicals used in the dyeing and bleaching process. Yarn colors are made from the selection and combination of different natural fiber colors.

Our Product

Undyed series retain their strength and insulating properties better than cashmere treated with chemicals and dyes, and are also closer to nature. Plus, cashmere gets softer over time and has better antimicrobial properties, which means it can better resist odors.

Technology & Lab

We sort the fibers and match them with similar tones, and then we spin the fibers together into yarn, which can eventually be woven into cashmere sweaters with different natural colors.Undyed and unbleached cashmere is closer to nature than any other style in our collection.


Undyed cashmere is the most sustainable choice for cashmere lovers and connoisseurs because the production process involves fewer chemicals and uses less water. Only basic workflows are applied in the manufacture of undyed cashmere: washing, blending, carding and spinning. This allows pure cashmere to retain its natural character from its pure color and breathability to the soft hand.

Why does cashmere pollute the environment?

Recycled cashmere not only uses tons of other surplus materials, but also avoids the grazing and dyeing necessary to produce new wool Waste of land and water. It's as soft, warm and light as the best cashmere on the market, but with a little less waste.