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“ We Know Cashmere And Cashmere Only ”

No wool, no cotton and linen, no silk, no mixed-fabric. "Greenmount = Cashmere Only". The average annual output of real cashmere in the world is 1 gram per person. Because of its rareness and high cost, more and more cashmere brands in the industry have begun to enrich theirproduct lines by using mixed ingredients. In the same time, reduce cost and selling price to be affordable to more consumers.

However, over the years, Greenmount still insists that only use 100% pure cashmere as its sole ingredient. Greenmount is firmly believed in the moment customer feels our cashmere product on their skin, the feeling is unmatched by other fabric.

“ The Best Cashmere With Timeless Simplistic Design ”

In modern time, "fast" fashion is fulling our life, but Greenmount wants to "slow down". We don't want to frequently iterate on new designs and new looks.

Greenmount carries a few fine-tune timeless classic designs that can be adapted to everyone's life scenarios after years of research and development. Our product’s goal is to keep comfort, soft and warm for a long time.

Greenmount's design philosophy is: the best fashion is "I'm comfortable wearing it". Wearing for pleasing self and comfort is the awakening of a new concept in the post-epidemic era.

“ Without The Earth We Got Nothing ”

Cashmere itself is a gift from nature to human beings. Greenmount has been grateful and revered for nature since the brand was founded, and every step of the way is based on the premise of environmental protection and sustainable development.

From the source, greenmount's grassland pasture strictly controls the number of goats, so as to avoid damaging the grassland ecology and threatening other endangered species. Therefore, our cashmere production capacity is extremely limited every year, we believe in planing our consumption carefully on a long term basis.  

All Greenmount products use undyed cashmere, no chemical invoved and in the natural dyeing process does not emit toxic substancesand pollute water sources.

"Let old clothes continue to function" is a technological innovation achieved by greenmount in recent years. We have launched 50% recyle cashmere/100% recycle cashmere collections by recycling traceable cashmere for secondary processing and reuse. These old clothes that were originally discarded will become industrial waste goes to the landfill and cause a burden on the earth's ecology can be turned into wonderful new pieces for our customerto cherish for a long time.

Greenmount  to live
with mother earth
by helping actually make a difference.

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