Pure Natural Plant Dyeing
Plant Dyeing

Pure Natural Plant Dyeing

Natural staining elements are derived from conventional fruits, herbs, vegetables, insects or minerals found in the natural environment. Greenmount has its own specially established professional dyeing factory and team. In the process, it does not use chemical color fixing agent extracted from petroleum, but uses biological enzymes to fix the color, so that the color of clothes is bright, and the color is not easy to fade in water.

Our Product

2022 autumn and winter Greenmount launched 2 autumn and winter accessories, a total of 4 colors, all of which are plant-dyed, including apricot, medium blue, bean paste purple, and watermelon red; their colors come from pomegranate peel, Banlangen leaves, and comfrey And madder, this plant-dyed product will bring an active color atmosphere to the dull autumn and winter.

Technology & Lab

Greenmount uses modern extraction technology to extract and separate plant colors and prepare them into solid powder. At the same time, it adopts ecological dyeing methods. Now it has achieved clean, diversified and large-scale dyeing. Modern advanced technology combined with traditional grass dyeing.


Our products extract pigment from natural plants, the dye does not pollute the environment, water and air, and the product can be biodegradable and return to nature, with extraordinary environmental significance.

Why does cashmere pollute the environment?

Recycled cashmere not only uses tons of other surplus materials, but also avoids the grazing and dyeing necessary to produce new wool Waste of land and water. It's as soft, warm and light as the best cashmere on the market, but with a little less waste.