37.5 is a scientific and technological thermostatic regulation technology, using active particles made of volcanic sand to keep the body constant temperature, 37.5 is a permanent technology, not chemical additives for surface treatment; Instead, naturally active particles are embedded in the yarn of the garment and never wash out. The working principle is that reactive particles capture infrared (IR) energy emitted by the body, and when the body is relatively cool, the particles absorb and retain infrared radiation to help keep you warm. If the body warms and produces sweat vapors, the reactive particles use infra-red energy to transfer the extra moisture to the surrounding environment, providing cooling.

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Our Product

With a yarn ratio of 70% cashmere and 30% nylon (volcanic ash), this ratio not only meets the soft feel of cashmere, warm characteristics, but also adds the characteristics of volcanic ash temperature regulation. Now, just buy Greenmount 37.5-degree series of any product, will help you maintain the best comfort of the human body.

Technology & Lab

To test the difference between fabrics with and without 37.5 technology, Inside Climate Labs conducted a study comparing wearers wearing fabrics with and without 37.5 technology during rest and activity. The results confirm that, of the two garments, fabric garments with 37.5 technology have lower microclimate absolute humidity and return to comfort in less time.

—— Test results:37.5 technical products, low humidity, fast recovery

——Test results: More time in the 'comfort zone'


All 37.5 products in this line now contain an enhanced biodegradation additive that accelerates the natural decomposition of yarns and fibers in the landfill environment and reduces the burden of plastic pollution.

37.5 active particles increase comfort and performance™
37.5 technology helps cool you down when you're hot and help keep you warm when you're cold
37.5 technology helps you maintain a comfortable personal microclimate relative humidity of 37.5%
37.5 technology removes sweat in the vapor stage before liquid sweat forms
37.5 active particles are derived from nature
37.5 technology traps odors and then releases them when washed and dried
37.5 technology works for the life of the garment/clothing
Why does cashmere pollute the environment?