Slogan: From the nature, back to the nature


Key words: tech-striking, less pollutant, innovative, eco-friendly


Intro: Thousands of outfits are produced each year, which heavily cost our environment. Toxics and chemicals are released to the air and water; the wastes are either buried under the ground which will stay for hundreds of years; or even piled as a little mountain.

By working with the nature, we can make a great change.

At GreenMount, we recycle our materials from the nature to reduce man made wastes and implement bio-degradable materials in our products to reduce harms to the nature.


Aim: GreenMount strikes to shape a bluer ocean and a greener land for the planet.


Little Story: Water, Land and Air are three biggest shareholders of GreenMount. We take care of them by implementing bio-tech solutions to our products. Whatever ingredients we take from them, we give them back without harms. That’s how GreenMount earns its business in a sustainable way and keep our shareholders happy.



  1. Recycled cashmere shoes: for each pair of shoes, we recycled _________ of cashmeres. The bio-degradable PU reduced _________% use of normal PU, which will take _____years to affect our planet.


Slogan for cashmere shoes:   Run Lighter


  1. 35: we make you cooler when the earth gets hotter, and we make you hotter when you think you are cool enough.